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Holding Hands

Intensive One-On-One Mentorship Program

Your Discovery Place we match quality adult mentors with at-risk young adults in the community. “At-risk” means that statistically these young people are more susceptible to alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, dropping out of school, and delinquent behavior. These young adults range from ages 16-24 are matched with responsible, caring adults who are committed to sustaining a consistent partnership for at least one year. This close relationship promotes positive change by allowing the young adult to see first-hand an alternative way of living that leads to a quality life. 

Once a “match” is made, the mentor makes a commitment to spend as regularly as possible at least 2 hours each month with the mentee. The mentor visits his or her mentee’s home, school and referring agency to become better acquainted with the mentee. 


For the individuals that are 25 and older, the Mentorship program is less intensive, however, you will be paired with an adult who is dedicated to helping you get to your next level. You will see your Mentor once a month, and have access to contact them to help guide you through the steps. Intensive case-management is offered depending on the treatment plan for the client.

The mentoring match is at the core of the One on One program. We are committed to recruiting, educating, sustaining willing, committed, responsible adults who care about making a difference in the life of one young male or female. Both parties benefit greatly from this unique and dynamic relationship and so does the Dallas Area Metroplex.


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